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Hi, welcome to my home page! I'm Amin Bandali (or just bandali) and I'm a free/libre software activist and computing scientist. I'm a GNU maintainer of Jami and GNUzilla and IceCat, and I wear a few other hats around the GNU Project as well. I'm also an ex-intern and current volunteer with the Free Software Foundation.

You can contact me via email by writing to bandali at or at I'm always happy to receive (non-spam) emails, with the caveat that my response time varies depending on the number of messages I'm working my way through at any given time. You can also send me GPG-encrypted email if you wish.

Atom, RSS 2.0, and RSS 3.0 [?] feeds of the below writings, talks, and other site material are available. In addition to their canonical locations at, the site pages are also accessible via


These are my articles on topics and issues I care about.

18 December 2020
My internship with the FSF tech team and beyond

29 May 2020
Internship with the FSF tech team

14 September 2019
How I do my computing


Some of my thoughts and musings, and occasional replies to those of others.

25 March 2022
Usable file names

1 January 2022
New Year 2022

23 December 2021
Hello (gopherspace)


Here are some talks and presentations I've given over the recent years.

20 March 2022
LibrePlanet 2022: The Net beyond the Web

20 March 2021
LibrePlanet 2021: Jami and how it empowers users

30 June 2020
A Comprehensive Study of Declarative Modelling Languages

17 June 2017
The Magic of Specifications and Type Systems

12 February 2015
Introducing YULUG

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