Bandali's Personal Site

How I do my Computing

Published on September 14, 2019
Last updated on July 17, 2020

Inspired by the computing pages of rms and Leah Rowe.


My librebooted ThinkPad X200 computer is the machine I use the most and where I do most of my computing. I also have the privilege of having access to a fleet of servers through our school's Computer Science Club that I use for some more computationally intensive tasks every now and again, and also for hosting this very website.

GNU/Linux distributions

I have used a wide variety of GNU/Linux distros over the years; but as of late, I find myself using Trisquel, Guix System, and Debian (with no contrib or non-free) almost exclusively. For the kernel, I mostly use GNU Linux-libre. Guix System comes with GNU Linux-libre out of the box, and on Debian-based distros I tend to install it from jxself's APT repository.

Actual computing

I spend most of my time in GNU Emacs.

TODO: elaborate

Maintaining this site

I took a great amount of inspiration from Phil Hagelberg's setup. The pages of this site are written in plain HTML using GNU Emacs, with GNU M4 acting as a full-featured template engine. A GNUmakefile provides convenient make rules to build and publish the site. The bibliography of my publications is generated from bandali.bib using bibtex2html, and further processed and put together using GNU sed and another GNUmakefile. The git repository containing all the sources used to build this site is available here.

Got a question or comment? You can find my email address on my contact page. :-)