How I do my Computing

by bandali on September 14, 2019 (last update: February 28, 2021) (also in plain text)

inspired by the computing page of rms


My librebooted ThinkPad X200 computer is the machine I use the most and where I do most of my computing. I also have the privilege of having access to a fleet of servers through our school's Computer Science Club that I use for some more computationally intensive tasks every now and again, and also for hosting this very website.

GNU/Linux distribution

I used a wide variety of distros over the years; but I have since found Trisquel to be my favourite and it's put my "distro-hopping" days behind me. Sometimes I pair it up with GNU Guix. For the kernel, I usually use GNU Linux-libre from jxself's APT repository.

Actual computing

I spend most of my time in GNU Emacs.

TODO: elaborate

Maintaining this site

The pages of this site are (manually) written in plain HTML using GNU Emacs. You can run git clone in a terminal to get the git repository containing all the pages of the site and the history of changes to them.

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